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2010 15.3 hand, Dutch gelding by Diarado.  Small jr hunter prospect.  Has an amazing canter and a 10 jump.  Is green for his age, but very willing, rideable, and brave.  Currently jumping the baby green hunters, ready for more.  


2012 16.3 hand, Holsteiner gelding by Casquetto.  Imported December 2017.  Grand prix prospect.  Very scopey and straight forward ride with a huge step.  Currently jumping the 6 year old and the 1.30m.

Due North

2012 16.2 hand, Dutch warmblood gelding by Bustique.  Imported December 2016.  Fancy hunter and derby prospect.  Very scopey and stylish jump, huge stride, auto lead change.  Zero prep, and easy enough to be finished by an amateur.  Consistently winning in the 3'3" green hunters.   



2011 17.2 hand, Dutch Warmblood by Arko III.  Athletic and beautiful mover and a jump to match.  Promising young hunter with the mind to be made up by an amateur.  Scopey and careful enough to be a top division and derby horse.  A real eye catcher and a barn favorite.  Currently showing in the younger 3'3" A/O hunters.


Snowed In

2007 16.1 hand, Belgian Warmblood by Calvaro.  Very straight forward and brave.  Huge step, auto lead change, no prep.  Ribboned at Capital Challenge, Harrisburg, WIHS and the National 2017. A real confidence booster, truly a once in a lifetime horse. Currently jumping younger 3'6" A/O hunters.





2011 17.1 hand, Holsteiner gelding by Connor.  Tall and eye catching, already good experience in the big eq.  Could double and do the hunters as well.  Large step, easy change, very balanced counter canter.  

Bengtsson VDL


2011 16 hand, Dutch warmblood gelding by Bubalu VDL.  Imported spring 2017.  Jumping 1.30 and 6 year old young jumper classes.  Sporty, careful and brave.  Has blood but is light in the bridle.  Simple to ride and live with.  

Dior W


2008 16.2 hand Dutch gelding by Indoctoro and Nimmerdor. Beautiful jump, good mover, rhythmic canter and an auto lead change. Good ribbons in the first years with a professional and the junior hunters with a catch rider, currently getting consistent ribbons in the 3'
and 3'3 hunters, and derbies. A perfect horse to confidently move a child or adult rider up from the 2'6". Hes beautiful with a great personality, truly and a barn favorite.



2007 16.2 had Belgian Warmblood by Canadian River.  Very easy and straight forward, brave and an auto lead change. Can either excell in the jumper ring as a low jr/ao or as an equitation horse.  

Crocket CWF


2008 16.2 Holsteiner gelding by Cassiano.  Very simple, hack winner, huge stride.  Successfully competes in anything from 2'6" hunter to 3'6" A/O hunters.  Safe enough for a timid rider, but fancy enough to win.

White Tie


2011 16.1 hand Polish warmblood gelding by Ekwador.  Imported December 2016.  Fancy hunter prospect.  Easy, scopey jump, walks the lines, brave, with an auto lead change.  Consistently a top performer in the hack and over fences.  Currently jumping in the 3'3" young hunters.



2008 17.2 hand Dutch mare by Zelote VDL.  Imported fall 2016.  Started jumping 1.40m with amateur in Europe prior to being imported.  Big rhythmic canter, comfortable trot, scopey and easy jump.  Jumps open water.  Equitation or jr/ao jumper prospect.  Currently jumping 1.40m classes.

Bami B


2006 16.2 hand, Dutch warmblood gelding by Sydney. Currently competing in the 1.50m.  Has also done equitation and hunters.  This horse has all the scope and talent for a top level rider.



3'6" Performance

3'6" Handy



2010 17 hand Belgian Warmblood gelding by Carosso VDL. Imported summer 2016.  Hunter, derby, and equitation prospect.  Very rhythmic and comfortable gaits.  Brave, auto lead change, very flashy jump. Fun and straight forward.  Eligible first years.  Currently showing and getting good ribbons in the 3'3" A/O hunters.

3'3" A/O Hunter



2010 16.2 hand Zangersheide gelding by Marome NW.  Ready to walk in the pre-green ring and win.  Stylish classic hunter jump every time.  Very brave with a huge step, could easily be brought along by a junior or amateur.  Champion first time showing in America in a competitive 3'3" pre green division.



2011 17.1 hand Oldenburg gelding by Catoki.  Extreamly eye catching.  Very balanced gaits and an attractive jump.  Jumping the 5 year old classess, has the ability to also be a competitive equitation horse.



2008 16.1 hand Dutch gelding by Atlantic.  Good mover and amazing jumper, big step and an automatic lead change.  Currently jumping 3'3" Junior Hunters and Green Conformaton Hunters.



2008 16 hand Holsteiner gelding by Canturano.  Super competitive high child/adult to low jr/ao jumper.  Very fast and knows his job!  Easy to live with, and a barn favorite.



2009 16.0 hand Oldenburg gelding by Check in.  Imported Janurary 2015.  Top hunter prospect.  Hack and jump winner in good company. Currently jumping 3'6" small junior hunters.  Serious inquiries only.


3'3" Performance

Pre-green Hunter 


Now known as Tin Cup

SOLD - Congradulations to Hays Investment Corp.

2008 17 hand, Holsteiner gelding by Cassini II.  All the scope to make a true Grand Prix horse.  Very brave and rideable.  Wants to always perform and please his rider.

H&M Uit De Melle

SOLD Thank you Greg Prince

2007 16.2 hand Belgian warmblood gelding.  Imported winter 2015.  Jumping 1.40 prior to being imported.  Huge stride, auto lead change, as brave as they come.  Could easily do the equitation or continue as a jumper.

Level 3

Graves De Regor  


2006 16.2 hand Belgian warmblood gelding.  Imported early fall 2013, proudly offered for sale a second time.  Brave, careful, stylish jump every time from everywhere.  Great junior or amateur mount.  Has already jumped 1.35m, and has taken care of 2 junior owners.

Don Vegas


2008 17.0 hand, Dutch Warmblood gelding.  Jumped 1.20 classes prior to being imported in summer 2014.  Has some Big Eq classes under his belt already.  Very straight forward, brave, easy lead change, and a big step.  Great horse to move up on!

Vogeout de Septon

SOLD - Thank you Amanda Flint

2005 16.3 hand Belgian warmblood gelding.  Imported August 2014.  Jumping clean International Grand Prix.  Super brave, scopey and careful.

Broadway Bound

LEASED - Thank you Peter Leone

2007 17.2 hand Holsteiner gelding by Cassini II.  Imported early 2014.  Equitation prospect, has already jumped 1.25m classes prior to being imported.  


14 & 15 Equitation

USEF Medal

Diamond Van De Waterhoek

SOLD - Thank you Peter Leone

2004 16.3 hand Belgian Warmblood by Heartbreaker.  Imported early 2014.  Super High JR/AO jumper.  Brave, beautiful, and easy to flat.

Aragones Z

SOLD - Special thanks to Adam Cramer

2008 16.1 hand Zangersheide gelding by Air Jordan Z.  Grand prix prospect.  Currently jumping 1.25 and age classes.  Three fantastic gaits and a stylish jump.  Shows extreme bravery and lots of scope.

Ocala Level 5

Ocala 6 yo YJC


SOLD - Special thanks to Megan Larkin

2004 16.0 hand warmblood cross gelding. Currently showing in baby green hunters.  Auto change, good mover, great jump, very eye catching.  Will make a good pre childrens/adult hunter.  Scope and step to do bigger.





SOLD - Special thanks to John Jameson

1998 16.2 hand warmblood gelding.  Super competitive and safe low/high child/adult jumper.  Will jump around for anybody, very brave, auto lead change, wants to be the winner.  Great home a must!  Priced to sell.


For sale or lease.

Graves De Regor

SOLD - Thank you Aisha Ali.

2006 16.2 hand Belgian warmblood gelding.  Imported early fall 2013.  Brave, careful, stylish jump everytime from everywhere.  Great junior or amatuer mount.  Has already jumped 1.35m, ready to move up or be a confidence builder for someone looking to move up.

That's It 3

SOLD - Thanks to Nikko Ritter and Peter Leone

2006 16.0 hand Oldenburg gelding.  Imported early 2013.  Brave, careful, easy change, every trainer's dream.  Recently moved up to 1.40m, will make a competitive jr/ao jumper for any rider.


7 & 8 year old YJC

7 & 8 year old YJC

Apple 3 Z

SOLD - Special thanks to Peter Wylde.

2006 16.2 hand Zangersheide gelding.  Imported late fall 2012.  Super brave, huge step, very easy to live with.  Has already jumped 1.35m.  Can easily go from the jumper ring directly into the equitation.  Currently jumping 7 & 8 year old young jumper classes and the big equitation.  Will make any trainers job easy.


Ocala 1.20m

Ocala USEF Medal


SOLD - Special thanks to Amanda Flint.

1999 16.2 hand Holsteiner gelding.  Super competitive child/adult to jr/ao jumper.  Brave, careful, and fast!  Jumping the 1.20m with amateur owner.


Old Salem 1.10

Olimpic Rouge

Leased - Special thanks to Harrison Ford.

2002 16.1 hand Sell Francias gelding.  Very straight forward, very brave, massive step, wants to please.  Jumping High Child jumper classes, with scope to do more.  

Zorna V

SOLD - Special thanks to Michael Kirby.

8 year old 16.1 hand Dutch warmblood mare.  Recently imported, amateurs dream.  Straight forward, brave to the jumps, has jumped 1.40 with success.  Will be a very competive jr/ao jumper.



7 year old 16.1 hand TB gelding. Very simple, walks the lines, eligible everything. No peak, no spook. Very brave and has a great mind. Will walk into any situation and jump around.  Ribbioned in every class he went in at HITS Ocala 2012.

3' Hunter Trip

Main Hunter Ring HITS



Sold - Congratulations Tara Corr

2006 year old mare currently jumping 1.30m.  Equitation prospect.





Sold - Congratulations to Alek Wobeck and HMS Stables, special thanks to Triple C Stables.

8 year old mare currently jumping 1.45m.


Sold - Congratulaions to Don Stewart Stables

"Dillion" is a 6 year old 16.2 hand Oldenburg gelding.  Has all the makings to be a top equitation horse and hunter.


Sold - Congratulations to Kat Bohman of Goshen, Ohio.

Calvara is a 16.1 hand 11 year old Zangersheide mare.  She was imported in the beginning of 2009 and has an extensive show record in the Junior Jumpers.  She excels in both the jumper rings and the equitation ring.  Calvara has good flat work, is very scopey and brave.

$10000 Keswick Jumper Classic

3'6" Old Salem Farm


Sold - Congratulations Tara Corr

8 year old gelding, top equitation prospect.


Sold - Congratulations to the Quigley family of Southlands.

14 year old 16.1 hand Holsteiner mare.  Hack and jump winner.  Brave to the jumps, huge step, auto change.  "Lola" has a very good mouth and is well schooled on the flat.  Priced to sell.


Winning trip in Kentucky


Sold - Congratulations Joellen Redfield of Hidden Sun Farm

"Sam" is a 17.3 hand 9 year old Dutch Warmblood.  He has unlimited bravery and lots of scope.  Sam is the ideal horse for a child or adult looking to move into the bigger divisions.  He is very well schooled on the flat and could easily cross into the equitation ring as well.

4' Old Salem Class